We provide a Pre-Determined Revolving Credit Sales for the supply of construction, industrial, agricultural, electrical and any other products related to the building industry. Due to the ever evolving needs and requirements of our existing and future clienteles, we are also expanding or diversifying our product offerings from other economic sectors.


Credit Limit

Revolving Credit Sales with a Pre-Determined credit limit may vary from one to another and is subject to the applicant's financial standing and qualification. The maximum credit limit is up to RM1 million (on conditional basis).


The approved credit limit sh pgall be based on a 30 or 60 days terms depending on the agreed price.


Our Credit Sales can be utilised as long as the accounts is within limit and up-dated with no outstanding amount.


The accounts tenure may be on project basis or regular quarterly review. During the review, your credit limit may be revised in accordance to your current needs and projects' status.


Re-payments should all be made throught various legal payment methods accepted by PTSB.

Late Payment Penalty

A Compound interest of 1.5% / month will be charged for any outstanding exceeding the approved credit term.


Local or foreign individuals, sole-proprietorship, partnerships and companies.

Credit Limit
RM10,000.00 to RM500,000.00
Annually or Quarterly Review
RM15,000.00 to RM1,000,000.00
Quarterly Review or Upon Project Completion


Trading License; and Copy of NRIC for owner(s) / directors / guarantors / authorized personnel; and 3 months banks statement; and Letter of Award(s); Official Local Purchase Order (Government Supply / Projects), List of completed projects (Contractors).


Income tax statement; and/or 3 years Audited Account; and/or Latest Management Accounts; Letter Of Intent, Tenancy Agreement of Office or Shop Location (if available).


Preliminary Assessments are to be completed within a 3 working days period. All qualified /successful assessments are required to fill-in /complete our official hardcopy Credit Application Form. Final approval is subjected to applicants' credit worthiness or qualification to be determined solely by our Credit Committee. Additional security or collaterals may be required on certain applications.

Additional Security Or Collaterals

Bank Guarantees; and/or Post-Dated Cheques (PDCs); and/or Letter of Credits (LC); and/or Deed of Assignments ( for Projects, Tenders or Supplies); and/or any collaterals deemed acceptable by PTSB.

Legal Disclaimer

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